Proposal of a Practical Action plan for self employed, micro and small businesses

ENI survey finds NI business agile but fragile

Enterprise Northern Ireland (ENI) has just released the largest business survey of its kind in the region and findings suggest that up to 6,200 businesses across NI could be in difficulty today.

ENI CEO Speaking on Good Morning Ulster

ENI's CEO Michael McQuillen speaking on Good Morning Ulster today (04.05.2020) about the need for a clear and well defined plan to help businesses come out of lockdown in a phased way.

Nick's Blog: Where Have All The Jobs Come From?

It is fashionable to predict that millions of jobs will be lost in the workplace as technology reduces the need for workers. But one of the biggest challenges facing business is finding enough staff to fill the available vacancies.

Nick's Blog: Welcome To The Gig Economy.

Uber has transformed the experience of getting and travelling in a taxi to get from one place to another. But it is only the tip of the iceberg in the landscape of the emerging digital economy.