Gordon's Grapevine | Gordon Gough, CEO EnterpriseNI

Gordon's Grapevine | Gordon Gough, CEO EnterpriseNI

Do you have what it takes to be an Enterprise Northern Ireland Premier Adviser? We are currently seeking expressions of interest...

Enterprise Northern Ireland (ENI)as the local contractor for the Councils Go For It Business Start Up programme intends to strengthen its existing network of accredited business advisers (from the Local Enterprise Agency network) by recruiting additional business advisers from across Northern Ireland.


ENI has an extensive and successful operating history in the delivery of volume business start-up programmes in Northern Ireland through its member Local Enterprise Agencies,  including Regional Start Initiative 2012-2016, where we successfully worked with participants to produce over 13,000 business plans.  ENI’s member Local Enterprise Agencies are embedded in their local communities and contribute significantly to the economic regeneration of their respective council areas. In other words, we are in it for the long haul!


We are currently seeking expressions of interest from business advisers and social economy organisations to support the delivery of our existing and future business start-up and growth provision across Northern Ireland.


To join our 'Premier Advisers' scheme check out our website https://www.enterpriseni.com/about-enterprise-northern-ireland/news/article/212/are-you-a-premier-adviser  and complete the Premier Adviser application form before Friday 19th May.