Nick's Blog: Entrepreneurs Move Mainstream.

Entrepreneurs are often seen as mavericks with the ability to turn an idea into a viable business. But in the digital economy they are becoming an essential part of every organisation.

MailChimp Masterclass

Have you just set up MailChimp, created that first campaign but either had no confidence to send it or you are disappointed with your current campaign engagements?

Nick's Blog: Is your business ready for Fintech?

FinTech is a new term to describe an emerging business sector that uses finance and technology to disrupt companies in the financial markets. It is creating opportunities for start-up companies to compete with traditional firms in the insurance, banking and financial sectors.

Nick's Blog: The changing nature of jobs.

The traditional full-time permanent job has changed over recent years and is now harder to find. New types of jobs offer flexibility but pay less and generate greater levels of insecurity.