Nick's Blog: Can The People Of Hong Kong Keep Their Freedom?

Hong Kong has rarely been out of the headlines in recent months as its people clash with Chinese authorities in a very public way. The streets are regularly thronged with thousands of protestors, as tensions rise and frustrations spill over to create chaos.

NI Embraces Creative Problem Solving

Work West were delighted to welcome Laura Barbero Switalski to Northern Ireland for the first time for a 2-day workshop in Creative Problem Solving.

Nick's Blog: The Changing World of Business.

Business leaders face a new challenge as success is redefined as making profit and contributing to the protection of the planet. Such a shift in focus means businesses are expected to make money while also creating a better world for future generations.

Nick's Blog: China: Friend or Foe.

China regularly captures the news headlines as its approach to government clashes with the West’s approach to democracy. Consequently, it is seen as a threat to the established way of doing things. But what is the truth?