Carrickfergus Enterprise Expansion

Carrickfergus Enterprise announced that it has achieved full occupancy for the first time in over 20 years and unveiled plans for a significant expansion of the site.

Mallusk Enterprise Park Refurbishment

Major refurbishment work is currently underway at Mallusk Enterprise Park to the value of £130K which includes resurfacing of over 6000 SQM of tarmac. 

Nick's Blog: Is Democracy Dead?

In the twentieth century America and the UK supported by the institutions established after the Second World War held sway in the world. But in the twentieth first century economic power and its associated influence is shifting to other countries and forms of government.

Nick's Blog: 5 Ways To Find And Keep Good People

Recruiting and keeping good people is at the heart of any organisation’s success. But business leaders in all areas of the economy report difficulty in getting the people they want. What can be done?

Nicks Blog: Is It Time For Long-Term Thinking?

News headlines and the daily flow of media stories highlight a world full of urgent and significant problems. But without developing a long-term approach to such events the right solutions will not be found.