Nick's Blog: China: Friend or Foe.

China regularly captures the news headlines as its approach to government clashes with the West’s approach to democracy. Consequently, it is seen as a threat to the established way of doing things. But what is the truth?

Mid and East Antrim is a World of Enterprise

Mid and East Antrim Borough Council are encouraging residents, voluntary groups and community organisations to find out more about starting a business through the World of Enterprise Programme.

Nick's Blog: Is Journalism In Danger?

Journalism was always where we found the truth and learned about what was happening in the world and why. But fake news has arrived to compete with traditional fact-based reporting.

Nick's Blog: Are You Ready For The Future?

It’s impossible to predict the future because what comes next depends on so many unknown and unknowable variables. But from experience we can guess it will be different from the present or the past.

Nick's Blog: How To Get The Most From Meetings

Good meetings are an essential part of any organisation’s success. Bad meetings waste time and are harmful to making decisions. But how can you increase the former and reduce the latter?