NI International Enterprise Conference & Enterprise Barometer Dissemination

The International Enterprise Conference will look at the entrepreneurial ecosystem & enterprise growth enablers. As part of the conference, the NI Enterprise Barometer dissemination will take place.

Bringing international bench marking to the Northern Ireland business community and providing a lens to the rest of the world, enabling Northern Ireland businesses to investigate new markets and harness international best practise. Through this, we aim to help inform future entrepreneurship strategy and policy, aligned with economic development action planning.

The NI Enterprise Barometer 2021 is a comprehensive piece of insight into the largest part of our economy – self-employed, micro & small businesses, covering all geographies and all sectors.

The findings from the NI Enterprise Barometer inform our local activity and is a rich source of information for central Government, local Government, and other enterprise support stakeholders, influencing and shaping policy and enterprise development interventions throughout Northern Ireland.